The Author

Hi, I'm Sheridan Lindée.

I'm a designer, photographer, and foolhardy adventurer with more dedication than sense.

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I've always loved creating. My whole live I've strived to build my creativity. This magazine is a part of that, it's another creative outlet.

For 3 years now I have been a website designer at Precedence in Cairns, Queensland and for the last 2 years of that, I have been the lead designer. I love my job. It allows me to create using fresh brands and new ideas.

My creativity has subsequently lead to a thirst for adventure and exploration. In my mind when my sense of adventure dies, so does my creativity. Being a travel and adventure photography I have had the freedom to explore all the world's continents, with exception to Antarctica. One day Antarctica, one day.

Made By Viking was born because of a love for writing and a love for the design community. I trust that you, as a fellow creative, will find something here that expands your borders and allows you to explore new areas of your creativity.