Photography equipment matters

Gear matters. Although not for the reason you may expect.

Almost every photographer will tell you, “gear doesn’t make a good photo” and they’re right. Sure, having an amazing camera and incredible lenses helps create a better photo but it’s not necessary.

I want to make an opposing point. 5 years ago I purchased my first DSLR. A Canon 600d. It wasn’t a great camera but it was all I could afford, and compared to the camera I had before, a Canon PowerShot, it was incredible. All of a sudden my passion for photography exploded.

“I have spent hundreds of hours taking photos and I will spend thousands more.”

~ Sheridan Lindee

Last year I finally purchased a long awaited upgrade. The Sony a7 Mark II. Again, passion built up within me to utilise the amazing equipment I now had at my finger tips. But why?

Firstly, of course, I love photography. I am a creative and I’m happiest when I’m making something. After all, my life’s motto is “just make something”.

My point, however, is this. Having the best equipment doesn’t necessarily make the best photos but it does inspire you and it acts as an investment in your self. Having spent more on my camera than my car I have now invested in my self to create amazing content and to grow my creative skill.

That is worth more to me than the quality of my gear. It makes me stick to taking photos. I know I can take photos I love and consistency using the very best gear reminds me of that.

A word of warning

As a quick word of warning, it’s easy to get hung up by equipment. Wanting the latest and greatest isn’t sustainable and can be down right distracting. After all the point of this article isn’t to persuade you to buy new and expensive creative gear, but to point out the value of self investment.

Passion trumps any amount of expensive equipment. But the spark that lights the fire of passion is also a vital part.

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