Lets fix Instagram

A new type of Instagram challenge.

I love Instagram. It’s an amazing hub for amazing content. But what if we stopped stressing over how many followers we have and how much attention we are attracting and simply devoted ourselves to making incredible content. What if we took today’s instant social media phenomenon back to being focused on a passion for amazing content and not a lust for instant fame and appreciation.

Instagram is renowned for being a space with endless opportunity.

A fashion enthusiast can turn their 2 thousand followers into a thriving eCommerce sensation. A weekend photographer can get noticed and end up flying around the world experiencing what most of us could only dream of.

But you can’t fake opportunity.

It all starts with passion

Van Gogh didn't paint because he got paid the millions his art is worth today, but because it was his most natural way of expressing his emotions. It was his second language.

I firmly believe that a passion goes far beyond an interest. It is deep; it goes into the realm of being an undeniable part of who you are. What I mean is that a passion is something we simply can’t ignore, it’s something that drives us and defines us at a far deeper level than something we are simply good at or something we are mildly interested in.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

~ Maya Angelou

I’m never happier than when I’m making something. Somehow sharing it with the world and instantly having that pressure to succeed takes some of that joy away.

Next comes quality

With passion comes skill. We end up dedicating more and more of our time and energy into what we love and with that, without really meaning it, comes quality.

Creativity can take an amazing amount of courage, but it also allows freedom. Creativity is about inventing. Without risk, there is never anything new.

Finally, opportunity

Now, before I write what could be construed to be a sure-fire road to success, we need to work out what success actually is. Perhaps for you it’s amassing a huge amount of followers, creating incredible opportunities. Maybe it’s a challenge to get you to create.

Whatever your measure of success is:

“Quality content attracts followers, and invested followers create space for opportunity.

~ Sheridan Lindee

A new type of Instagram challenge

What if instead of being obsessed with popularity we started getting excited about new discoveries; liking what we like and following those we have an interest in.

For the next year, why not change your outlook on Instagram? Instead of dedicating your time to gaining followers, subscribers, likes, readers or fans, try simply putting your effort into creating the best work of your life (to date).

I'll take up this challenge. Will you join me?

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