I am making my Pinterest inspiration boards public

As a designer, I am constantly in search of other artists' amazing work. My inspiration stretches from ancient pieces of art to architecture, from nature to Swedish minimalism. Until now I’ve kept my inspiration to myself, but now I'm sharing it with you.

Years ago, when I first started collecting my own private store of inspiration, I kept it to myself. I guess it made me feel like I had a head start on other designers and didn’t want to give away my secrets. I have now come to realise that beauty should not be hidden and as a designer that my love for creativity and beauty must stretch beyond my personal ambition. So today, instead of keeping it to myself I am sharing it with you. And I couldn’t be more excited!

“With new inspiration comes new passion. And with new passion come truely new and great things.

~ Sheridan Lindée

My inspirational boards are meant to keep the love of new design alive.

I find that inspiration for any form of creativity can be found in anything beautiful and well designed. I am not an interior designer or fashion designer but great design constantly inspires me, no matter the form it takes.

I hope these collections will enable you to stretch your imagination and spread your creativity into something new.

Web Design

Interior Design

Fashion Design

Logo Design

The Viking Mood Board

As a special release, I am also making my Viking moodboard public. This represents the countless hours of visual research bordering on obsession I undertook when creating my own brand and the branding and visual direction for this blog.

As a disclaimer, none of the works in these inspirational collections are mine. If you are the owner or creator of any of these works and want the item removed, please contact me and it will be taken down. Similarly, if you are the creator and have not been mentioned in the comments under each work and would like your name added, please contact me.

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